[PDF] One Liner QA GK On Geography As A Subject

This post focus on providing – “One Liner QA GK On Geography As A Subject.”

General Introduction

  1. Who was the first to use the term Geography?
    • Eratosthenes (276-194 BCE)
  2. Who is known as the father of Geography?
    • Hecataeus
  3. Who provided a philosophical foundation for Geography as a field of scientific enterprise?
    • Immanuel Kant (UPPSC 2003)
  4. Who is the father of Human Geography?
    • Friedrich Ratzel (MPPSC 2018)
  5. Who is the father of Modern Geography?
    • Alexander Von Humboldt (CGPSC 2014)
  6. After the invention of the telescope in 1608, who gave geographical evidence of the Universe?
    • Galileo
  7. Who first represented the Earth as a sphere?
    • Aristotle (IAS 2001)
  8. Who discovered that Earth is spherical and revolves around the Sun?
    • Nicolaus Copernicus
  9. Who wrote the book Anthropogeography?
    • Friedrich Ratzel (UPPSC 2018)
  10. Who believed that their Gods transmitted messages about the future through the appearance of celestial bodies?
    • The Babylonians
  11. In their book “Introducing Cultural Geography,” JE Spencer and WL Thomas divided the world into how many cultural regions?
    • 11 Cultural Regions (UP RO/ARO 2016)
  12. Who designed the map of India?
    • James Rennell
  13. Who gave the theory of Plate Tectonics?
    • Harry Hess
  14. The concept of Growth Pole was given by which Geographer?
    • Francois Perroux
  15. The theory that the environment sets certain constraints or limitations but culture is otherwise determined by social conditions is known as?
    • Possibilism (Human Geography) (UPPSC 2020)
  16. Who gave the concept of Possibilism in Geography?
    • Paul Vidal De La Blache
  17. Who gave the theory of Geosyncline?
    • James Hall
  18. The study of how the physical environment predisposes societies and states towards particular development trajectories is known as?
    • Environmental Determinism (UPPSC 2009)

Branches Of Geography

  1. Which Geographer said that ‘Geography is a concern with the description and explanation of the areal differentiation of the earth’s surface?
    • Richard Hartshorne (MPPSC 2007)
  2. Who developed the regional approach?
    • Karl Ritter
  3. What does Geo-Informatics comprise of?
    • Techniques such as Remote Sensing, GIS, GPS (CGPSC 2011)
  4. Who gave the concept of determinism in Geography?
    • Friedrich Ratzel (UPPSC 2007)
  5. According to which concept, is every human activity decided by the environment?
    • Determinism
  6. Who introduced the concept of neo-determinism?
    • Griffith Taylor
  7. What is neo-determinism also known as?
    • Stop and Go Determinism
  8. Who introduced the Systematic Geography approach?
    • Alexander Von Humboldt
  9. What is the study of landforms, their evolution, and related processes known as?
    • Geomorphology
  10. What is the study of the structure of the atmosphere, elements of weather, climate, its types, and regions known as?
    • Climatology
  11. What is the geography of soil concerned with?
    • The distribution and variability of soils on terrestrial landscapes ranging from local to global scales, known as Soil.

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