Digital Electronics Questions and Answers PDFs List

Here’s the table with the provided topics:Digital Electronics Questions and Answers PDFs List

NoList of Topics
2Digital Concepts
3Number Systems and Codes
4Logic Gates
5Ex-OR and Ex-NOR Gates
6Boolean Algebra and Logic Simplification
7Describing Logic Circuits
8Combinational Logic Analysis
9Combinational Logic Circuits
10Signals and Switches
12Digital Arithmetic Operations and Circuits
14Shift Registers
15Code Converters and Multiplexers
16Memory and Storage
17Programmable Logic Device
18Interfacing to the Analog World
19Logic Families and Their Characteristics
20Integrated Circuit Technologies
21Integrated-Circuit Logic Families
22MSI Logic Circuits
23Digital System Projects Using HDL
24Digital Design
25Digital Signal Processing
26Multivibrators and 555 Timer
27Microprocessor Fundamentals
28The 8051 Microcontroller

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