Previous Year History GK PDF : One Liner GK

This post focus on providing – ” Complete List Previous Year History GK PDF In Malayalam. “

Complete List Previous Year History GK PDF In Malayalam

1Pre-Historic Culture
2Indus Valley Civilisation
3Vedic Civilisation/The Vedic Age
4Age of Mahajanapadas
5Buddhism and Jainism
6Mauryan Empire
7Post-Mauryan Age
8The Gupta Age
9Post Gupta Age
10The Sangam Age and History of South India
11Arrival of Arabs and Turks in India
12Delhi Sultanate
13Delhi Sultanate-Administration, Society, Art and Religion
14Vijayanagara, Bahamani and Other Kingdoms
15Bhakti and Sufi Movements
16Mughal Empire
17Mughal Administration
18Maratha Empire
19Later Mughals
20India in 18th Century and Rise of Autonomous States
21Arrival of European Power in India and British Rule
22The British Administrative Structure and Economic Policies
23Socio-Religious Reform Movement in India
24Growth of Press and Education in Modern India
25Revolt of 1857
26Indian National Movement: First Phase (1885-1915)
27Indian National Movement: Second Phase (1915-1935)
28Indian National Movement: Third Phase (1935-1947)
29Governor-General and Viceroys of India
30Post Independence India
31Language and Literature
32Religion and Philosophy
33Art and Architecture
34Indian Sculpture
35Indian Paintings
36Indian Music, Dance and Drama
37Indian Fairs and Festivals
38Indian Craft and Martial Art

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